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This page is for students and academic staff browsing for ideas on value management and other improvement topics

We have personal contacts with various UK Universities and can help you make links to establish international conferences. Michael Graham also provides lecture and research support for Universites.

 Michael has organised national conferences in value management every year since 2000 when he organised the UK launch conference for BS EN 12973 - Value Management. Michael Graham, Managing Partner of Michael Graham Consultancy is currently is Branch Secretary for the Institute of Value Management in Scotland.

Michael also organises regular professional seminars in value - see  What's New or Why Value Management and follow the links. 

Useful sources of practice in the UK include:

UK Value Management will help you achieve Best Value, 

    • Maximise Performance, 
    • Personalise Customer Service and 
    • Deliver Continuous Improvement in 
    • Value, Quality, Creativity and Innovation. 

    See What's New for our latest training information and briefing on free professional seminars. 

    Check our top tips to improve your performance and see how our services can help you. 

    We improve your effectiveness through advice, accredited training, independent facilitation, audit and a personal approach to customer service. 

    We achieve results by motivating people, developing skills, harnessing synergies and promoting innovation to improve performance, satisfy your customers and add value to your organisation.

    We bring refreshing ways of solving problems and a special mix of experience to generate effective innovation and implement improvements.

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 Risk Management, Value Management, Project Management

 Value Analysis, Lean Production

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