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    UK Value Management will help you achieve Best Value, 
    • Maximise Performance, 
    • Personalise Customer Service and 
    • Deliver Continuous Improvement in 
    • Value, Quality, Creativity and Innovation. 

    Top Tips  for identifying, securing and managing value 
    (1-5) Indentify Value, (6-10) Secure Value , (11-15) ManageValue.

    Identifying Value 

      1.  Ensure your people understand where and how they create value for your organisation and its customers

      2.  Enable your people to improve their contribution

      3.  Motivate all your people to improve what they do and to recognise value for customers

      4.  Ensure managers set challenging , but realistic, targets for improvements

      5.  Maximise value from each of your suppliers

       (1-5) Indentify Value, (6-10) Secure Value(11-15) ManageValue.

Best Value     Partnering 

 Risk Management, Value Management, Project Management

 Value Analysis, Lean Production

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