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Risk Management, Value Management, Project Management

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    UK Value Management will help you achieve Best Value, 
    • Maximise Performance, 
    • Personalise Customer Service and 
    • Deliver Continuous Improvement in 
    • Value, Quality, Creativity and Innovation. 
    Customer Focus  ,  Key Features  , Our Team

    Customer Focus

    We improve overall business effectiveness for Clients by providing advice, training, independent facilitation, audit and personal assistance. 

    We achieve results by motivating people, developing skills and by promoting synergies and innovation, working within a robust value management framework. 

    Key Features

  • Core skills in training, consultancy and independent facilitation. 

  • Special expertise in value management processes 

  • Helping people learn innovation

  • Working with people to achieve continuous improvement

  • Value research and dissemination of best practice 

  • The measurement of value and performance 



    Our Team

    • Professional people. 
    • Experienced people drawn from senior management and consultancy, independent expertise and access to leading academics for focused consultancy assignments, short-term secondments, training and independent facilitation.
    • Market experience across the UK and abroad in 
        • Construction 
        • Manufacturing 
        • Utilities
        • Transport 
        • Safety critical business 
        • Government 
        • Local Authorities
        • Health
        • Housing
    • Expertise in managing for improvement, research, development and application of business improvement tools 
Best Value     Partnering 

 Risk Management, Value Management, Project Management

 Value Analysis, Lean Production

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