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Why Value Management?

At UK Value management we help Clients achieve Best Value. 

Everyone makes value judgements every day balancing many factors time, price, quality etc.  In life that is up to you but in business and public service there are many people to satisfy from customers to shareholders and the public at large. 

At UK Value Management we provide Accredited Training and Value Management Consultancy to help people achieve Best Value.  Our Training is recognised across Europe and Accredited by the Institute of Value Management. We train business managers and consultants in public and private sectors. 

Value management is an overarching approach (like quality management) which aims to improves effectiveness, efficiency and economy by team work and decision-making based on value in the round (not just finance). 

Value management is different - it is action oriented rather than compliance based - it focuses on optimising customer value.  Value management encourages innovative thinking, business problem solving and performance improvement. 

VM is used in many ways - the Value Management framework for focus on customer requirements allows people to draw up simple contract specifications which bind suppliers to delivering performance requirements and for the suppliers value management stimulates innovative thinking to generate that winning tender and improve performance all round in continuing service delivery.  Formal value management is set out in British, European Standards and other National codes of Practice.  If you want to check the detail have a look at BS EN 12973:2000 or give Michael Graham a call on 01786 463165.

Michael Graham also organises regular professional seminars in value - see  What's New  and follow the links. 

Useful sources of practice in the UK include:


We specialise in improving public services and project outcomes by deploying better value management, better risk management and better project management.  With our associates, we believe we offer the largest qualified value management and facilitation resource in Scotland and one of the largest specialist resources in the UK. 

UK Value Management will help you achieve Best Value, 

    • Maximise Performance, 
    • Personalise Customer Service and 
    • Deliver Continuous Improvement in 
    • Value, Quality, Creativity and Innovation. 

    See What's New for our latest training information and briefing on free professional seminars. 

    Check our top tips to improve your performance and see how our services can help you. 

    We improve your effectiveness through advice, accredited training, independent facilitation, audit and a personal approach to customer service. 

    We achieve results by motivating people, developing skills, harnessing synergies and promoting innovation to improve performance, satisfy your customers and add value to your organisation.

    We bring refreshing ways of solving problems and a special mix of experience to generate effective innovation and implement improvements.

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 Risk Management, Value Management, Project Management

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