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What's New at UK Value Management?

You can join our scheduled sessions (subject to satisfying entry criteria) or arrange bespoke sessions to suit your needs, subject to minimum delegate numbers.  Call Mike Graham on 01786 463165 for details or send us an e-mail to find out more. 

Current scheduled skills development modules and training courses include one day and three day (residential) sessions: 

3 Day Residential Value Management Courses

Developing Skills for Continuous Improvement[Mainly One day courses]

Developing Skills for Continuous Improvement

Venue: Rosebery House, CoSLA Conference Suite, Edinburgh.

This programme of courses is about developing a culture for continuous improvement.  It offers systems, tools and a networking opportunity for public service imporvement.  The courses are open to delegates from public and private sector organisations.

Improve skills and competence for project management teams. Improve skills for delivery and management of improvement.  Deploy management standards and tools to improve communication, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution and negotiation. 

Modules on 

Project Management - systems and tools for planning and controlling projects 

Project Management - developing soft skills, negotiation and teamwork for successful projects 

Creativity and Innovation - Tools and systems for new and better ways of working 

Reducing Inefficiency - Fourteen types of inefficiency and tools to reduces this waste 

Value Management - Cost Benefit Analysis tools for decision-making and option appraisal 

Risk Management - Systems and tools for service operations and projects 

Partnership Working - Systems and tools for establishing and imporving partnership working 

Improving Faciltation - tools for better team workshops and consultation events 

Advanced Value Management - comprehensive programme of skills development and tols for performance improvement [extended duration course comprising several modules] 

Reserve your place now.  Or phone Michael Graham on 01786 463165 for further information.

UK Value Management will help you achieve Best Value, 

    • Maximise Performance, 
    • Personalise Customer Service and 
    • Deliver Continuous Improvement in 
    • Value, Quality, Creativity and Innovation. 
Best Value     Partnering 

 Risk Management, Value Management, Project Management

 Value Analysis, Lean Production

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